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Marc Rashba currently runs MovieMethod LLC, leading global digital distribution partnerships for a number of major studios, networks and streaming platforms, including the inter-active premium content app, Ficto where he is serving as Head of Marketing for his client. MovieMethod also works with content owners in YouTube channel growth and development; OTT, FAST & VOD platform licensing, podcasting, as well as creating loyalty and reward programs for brands looking to tap into the power of movies, music and more. Previously, Marc worked at Sony Pictures for over 15 years in a variety of lead marketing and business roles, from overseeing Breaking Bad and Seinfeld’s successes to most recently as Vice President of Digital Partnerships & Development. Prior to Sony, Marc spent a number of years in the music industry at EMI Music Group in a variety of strategic marketing roles.

Tell us how you got into this niche of the industry.

The expansion of social platforms in the last number of years along with the recent explosion of streaming around the globe created a new demand in the market for content and programming targeting specific fans and communities. Those loyal audiences want a curated experience and one that they can interact with in some manner, and that is something that the giant utility streamers like Netflix, Hulu and others cannot quite deliver.

What was it like working for Sony as Vice President of Digital Partnerships and Development?

Working at Sony Pictures was a great experience. It’s unique among all other studios given it’s close relationship to technology through its corporate connection to PlayStation and Sony Electronics. We were able to develop new platforms and opportunities around the globe within the Sony ecosystem that were ahead of the market finding new avenues for digital distribution and direct to consumer businesses.

Who is Ficto’s competition and what makes you guys better?

Ficto is a unique marketplace player. At a very high level, we compete with all streaming services for viewing time. However, as the world opens up again post-COVID and users become significantly more mobile again, we stand alone. We’re a premium streaming service that develops and produces content with a mobile-first mindset and is targeted to very specific fan bases and communities. We will also include an interactive component that allows for open community feedback.

What is your biggest challenge as Head of Marketing?

While we have an exciting platform and a great value prop for mobile streaming fans, we are facing some tough headwinds. We have the dual challenge of building awareness around the Ficto brand itself in addition to growing viewership for each series and show that debuts and runs on our platform. Few major services with much deeper pockets have been able to brand both their service and their signature original programming outside of HBO and Netflix. Everybody knows of Roku, but I bet very people can name any of their original content or Channels.

What drives you creatively and what is the “Marc Rashba Stamp” that is pressed on your work?

The ability to invisibly integrate marketing into the storytelling has always been my passion and modus operandi. Marketing is merely an extension of the story whether that’s with brand marketing, content marketing or even growth marketing. Working closely with the vast pool of creative talent in entertainment and allowing for our marketing to be an additional medium for their stories has always been central to my marketing philosophy and execution.


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