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Within Creative Consulting is the niche of film/TV and its visuals, quality content and overall attractiveness of a project creatively and logistically. This can include improving a screenplay or teleplay with script coverage, laying out the story in a synopsis or treatment, or a well-designed pitch deck and lookbook for a feature film or TV show. The aim is to balance the commercial viability along with the client’s creative vision.  

  • script coverage​

  • pitch decks

  • lookbooks

  • synopses

  • treatments


Launch a new podcast to compliment a business or brand to increase revenue and gain popularity.

  • producing

  • editing

  • audio engineering

  • sound mixing

  • talent recruiting

  • show notes

  • soundbites/audiograms


By producing original content for a wide variety of mediums, entertainment industry professionals communicate their expertise, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their website and attract new customers.

  • website content

  • articles

  • guest blogs

  • social media

  • movie reviews

  • video content

  • personal bios


A common but lesser-discussed practice, Ghostwriting is crediting the subject as the named author while in anonymous collaboration with a professional writer. Autobiographies and memoirs often elevate a theme like overcoming a hardship, promoting a current venture or increasing public awareness. Whether it’s covering an entire life or a specific time period, the narrative stays authentic and told in the person's voice.

  • memoirs​

  • autobiographies


All genres across multiple formats, from completed spec scripts to writing on assignment by taking concepts and characters and strengthening an existing vision. Writing samples available. 

  • feature films

  • short films

  • tv series

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