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How you know her. From humble beginnings to rising star, Cola rocketed into the Hollywood stratosphere with the Kathryn Hahn comedy series I Love Dick in 2017. Now she plays Alice in the 2019 smash-hit drama series Good Trouble, currently in its fifth season.

Where you’ll see her next. Fans can see Cola in the Lionsgate film Joy Ride on July 7, and on November 17, she'll star alongside Joey King, Nicole Kidman, and Zac Efron in the Netflix comedy, A Family Affair. Following that, she'll appear in the graphic novel-based Shortcomings and, in 2024, the animated adventure The Tiger's Apprentice with Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, and Sandra Oh.

Her Joy Ride character will break Asian stereotypes. “I graduated high school with a 2.5 GPA,” says Cola, who regularly performs standup at Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store. “Like, I was never the model minority or the perfect Asian daughter. I was a party animal and all these things. Lolo [her character] is very much that—the messy side of me that I've been dying to unleash on the big screen.”

She says, "Buddha, bless me” for good luck. I find any reason to say in my head three times, "Buddha, bless me." That is my thing. I'll probably say that 30 times a day in my head because that's what I believe—Buddha is protecting me.”

-People Magazine, AAPI Heritage Month


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