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Creativity often comes from deeply personal experiences. Lecuona’s coming-of-age romantic comedy script, “What If?” (now titled “Anything’s Possible”), first appeared on the 2020 Black List and 2019 GLAAD List.

“It came from a place of inspiration,” she says. “It started flowing through me. I had to grab a pen and write it all down. I wrote it quickly because it was like a surge of inspiration. I didn’t need to make myself sit down and write. It came very naturally.” In a business in which nothing is certain, the stars aligned perfectly — Orion Pictures bought her script and attached Tony Award-winning actor Billy Porter as director. The film became Lecuona’s first fea- ture and Porter’s directorial debut (starring Eva Reign and Abubakr Ali), released on Amazon Prime.

“Anything’s Possible” is a high school trans woman’s tale of romance, something Lecuona knows about, as she’s also a transwoman. “I was thinking about my transition at the time,” she says. “I was thinking about what steps I wanted to take. Everything I had noticed about trans people was so tragic. So, I was looking for stories like that to write about. On the other hand, I started seeing trans teenagers sharing their stories on Reddit and YouTube. They were falling in love and receiving all kinds of support, which was encouraging.” Lecuona is developing a horror project called “No Ne Sigas” in Mexico and a half-hour TV show with Atlas Entertainment.

Reps: Agent: APA; Management: Vision Entertainment; Legal: Jackoway Austen Tyerman

Influences: “Mean Girls,” “The Girl Next Door,” “John Tucker Must Die”



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